Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Our Spontaneous Camping Trip!

On Friday last week Tommy called me about two o'clock and said he was leaving work early and bringing the camper home so have our bags packed we are headed to Santee for the weekend! Last week to say the least was a rough challenging week so to hear we were getting out of town just the five of us was music to my ears!!! Here are some pictures from our weekend!
Nothing better then coffee in the morning!

Pretty sure this was not how he was taught to make a fire in Boy Scouts!

I Love this curly red head!

Our view

Making S'mores!

Pretty sure she just shoved the entire marshmellow in her mouth!

Playing hide and go seek

Found ya!

Gracie just said, "Daddy here comes the curve ball"

A little family baseball game

Upset the umpire called her out!

Lots of family bike rides

So tempting....

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