Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Worm

Well it is official Gracie has starting to doing a worm like crawl. I can't believe it all of a sudden yesterday she went from one end of our rug to the other doing a worm like crawl. It will not be long at all before I am having to watch every move she makes.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

A Day at the Park

Friday Gracie and I met my good friend Katie and her son Jackson at the park. It was Gracie and Jackson's first time at the park and they both loved it. Here are a few pictures to show you!!
Mommy and Gracie on the slide. Poor Gracie looks scared out of her mind!!
~Swinging all my myself~Jackson thought the sand was mighty tasty and Gracie preferred the bucket!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Almost 6 Months

Well I can't believe our daughter is almost 6 months. The past 6 months have been amazing and be able to say that I am a mom is incredible. Here are just a few recent pictures.

The Martins Halloween

Gracie and her Pops the butterfly catcher!