Friday, September 30, 2011

New Trick

Thomas has learned how to cast and reel in his fishing rod. Makes daddy so happy...


Our nephew Chip turn 11 a couple of weeks ago and for his birthday his mom got him a huge water slide. All the kids absolutely loved it. It was alot of fun to watch too.

Chip was loving it...

Thomas was not to sure about it

And you can see why :)

April, Gracie, Nina and her "future tiger"

Miss Thing loves her bumbo.

Monday, September 12, 2011

I want to always remember..

I want to always remember your serious look that you give me when we come face to face

And your sweet smile that you give when we talk to you.

I want to always remember your first smiles and cooing as I say hello. And your sweet dimples that I could just kiss all the time.

I want to always remember your cute little wrinkly feet because before I know it they will be running all over our house..

I WILL always remember the precious gift from God you are.

The warmth I feel when I cradle you in the crook of my arm and when you snuggle under my neck when I hold you just so you can get a little closer to me.
And the pure miracle from our great God.
We love you so much "Little Teeny"

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Aquarium & Dora

This past Saturday Tommy and I took the kids to the Charleston Aquarium not only to see the fish but Dora the Explorer was going to be there. Gracie was over the moon when we told her about it and when we got there she was so excited. I have never seen her that excited. Here are a few pictures of our family day..
Watching the scuba diver clean

Trying to figure out how to get closer to Dora

So excited...

The cutest turtle ever

Oh wait another cute one

Family Picture

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Labor Day 2011

For this Labor Day we decided to have a "little" cookout. Well what once was a little group of friends has massively grown within the last three years due to the all the kids we are all having. 16 kids and 14 adults. At one point just about all the kids were in the kitchen eating dinner and it was COMPLETELY CRAZY!!! But it was fun... Here are a few pictures of the kids and adults.

Hayden found some super fun mud..

Can you tell he liked it?

Noa & Gracie playing doctor
The boys playing corn hole

Noah and Ruthie

The girls turn. Check out Ashley's form. She looks like a serious game player.

By looking at all three of our faces it was not a good throw.

Jenny's turn

Then Amy's.

Gracie, Eden and Amy