Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hey hey...

Hey Hey we are still around! I have been a totally slacker with updating our blog mainly because I really just haven't felt like it... Haha everyone is doing good and some how we managed to skip out on this horrible stomach bug that everyone and their brother has had. Thank you Lord!! I have been terrified that we would get and have been in hiding for about a week now! Ha must have worked!! Well we leave tomorrow morning for DISNEY WORLD!!! AHHHHHHH! I really don't know who is more excited the kids or Tommy and I. Tommy has never been so he is not real sure what to expect and my in-laws Tom and Dawn are also going with us. Dawn has never been either! I can't wait to see everyone reactions. So an update:

Annabelle (annabanna, banna, Anna b., annabanna fo fanna) so many names.... She is seven months now and so stinking cute!! She wants absolutely nothing to do with crawling which at this point I don't mind at all. I can set her down and come back and 95% of the time she is still there. The other 5% are if Thomas or Gracie decide to drag her to another location! She is a healthy 16 pounder and says Dada dada all day long.. We are working on mama but right now it just comes out mmmmmm... Hey I get the point and I will take it!

Gracie- doing wonderful!! Although we are in this taddle telling stage that is driving me NUTS! I mean everything she needs to tell me! Mom Thomas is going in your room, mom Thomas touched me, mom Annabelle is taking my bag!! And on and on..

Thomas- oh sweet Thomas!! He is doing good too! He is in this hitting stage that is getting to the point I am totally at a lose for what to do! When he hits he gets punished for it but will turn around and do it all over again. If anyone has any suggestions I am totally open to it!!! Need some help!

I will update again after Disney with lots of pictures! Hope everyone has a great rest of the week and weekend!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Super Fun Stickers!

Checkout these super fun sticker aka felt pads.... not alot of fun pulling them off.