Thursday, June 28, 2012

Thankful Thursday

   I have a lot to be thankful for this week. Actually a lot to be thankful for in general. Yesterday, Gracie was scheduled for a follow up angiogram to double check on the malformation and to make sure all the veins feeding the malformation were still shut down. You may remember back in Feburary she had a MRI and her surgeon told us everything was shut down but he would still like to schedule an angiogram which would give him a better picture of everything to double check himself. So yesterday we had the angiogram and everything looks great! Still shutdown! Praise the Lord! We were a little fearful going into the appointment that maybe the MRI wasn't a good enough picture and things weren't completely shut down. But our precious angel is done. As long as she continue to meet her developmental milestones she will not have to have anymore check up's till she is a teenager.
 * I am thankful for our gracious God who has kept her safe since she was conceived.
 * I am forever thankful for her doctors. The amount of knowledge they have is incredible to me.
 * I am thankful that we live in a city where these doctors are easily accessable. Unforunately, for many family they have to travel away from home to find specialist to help treat there children.
In ICU after the very first treatment. 

Yesterday in recovery after everything is done! These pictures bring tears to my eyes. Looking at how far we have come in her short little life time.

 *I am also thankful for a recent camping trip we had last weekend. Time away as a family is so precious to me. Not having phone service very well is even better. No cell phones ringing all day, no iPad, no Disney channel, no t.v. Period. And thankful we were able to go with family and friends!


We had some of the best dinners! 

Party Barge! The kids loved it...

The three Thomas Clarence Martin's

Monday, June 11, 2012

More Summer Happening

Here are some more summer happenings around the Martin Household...

Park Day with Miss Hollywood

Poor Annabelle thought she was eating something she liked.. As you can tell she didn't like it..

Thomas kept telling Gracie to get in his truck.

BUSTED!!! (Look at that smirk)

Beautiful afternoon at MoMo's

Thomas helping the next door neighbors landscaping guy do her yard. (FYI: the landscaper is my dad) haha

Yet another nap at the beach this past Saturday

She is trying to walk...YIKES!

Home group Cook out Sunday! (Adam and Levi taste testing the homemade ice cream Mr. Scott made)

Cornhole game 

Levi and Helms running from the sprinkler

The Group Photo

The Riverdog's Game

Gracie and her Aunt April

Watching the baseball game.. 

Monday, June 4, 2012

Soaking up the Sunshine!

Our week last week and this weekend was full of sunshine and outdoor fun!

Running to jump the waves

Annabelle helping Allie build a sandcastle. 

Daddy fished in a offshore fishing tournament Friday so we meet him at the weigh in for a dinner and awards ceremony. His boat placed overall 2nd with 1blue marlin, 1 sailfish and 4 dolphin.

The girls at the weigh in.

Saturday Morning we went and picked blueberries..

The fun part is eating them as you pick

Gracie carefully selecting which ones she wanted

On Sunday after church we went in the boat to the beach and spent the afternoon. This is Chip our nephew jumping off the boat.

Thomas telling his daddy he really wants to go fishing

Tommy dug a hole and had Chip get in it and then buried him. So Uncle Donne took the moment to pour ice cold water on him. It was freezing.

My sweet angel sound asleep
And the car ride home was very quit :)