Monday, June 4, 2012

Soaking up the Sunshine!

Our week last week and this weekend was full of sunshine and outdoor fun!

Running to jump the waves

Annabelle helping Allie build a sandcastle. 

Daddy fished in a offshore fishing tournament Friday so we meet him at the weigh in for a dinner and awards ceremony. His boat placed overall 2nd with 1blue marlin, 1 sailfish and 4 dolphin.

The girls at the weigh in.

Saturday Morning we went and picked blueberries..

The fun part is eating them as you pick

Gracie carefully selecting which ones she wanted

On Sunday after church we went in the boat to the beach and spent the afternoon. This is Chip our nephew jumping off the boat.

Thomas telling his daddy he really wants to go fishing

Tommy dug a hole and had Chip get in it and then buried him. So Uncle Donne took the moment to pour ice cold water on him. It was freezing.

My sweet angel sound asleep
And the car ride home was very quit :)


Jenny G. said...

These photos are so GREAT!!! Looks like lots of fun!

Meagan and Chris said...

i am laughing out loud right now at the last picture. I love it! Sweet tired kiddos! :)