Monday, November 23, 2009

4 month/ 18 month check ups

I told myself this morning that today is either going to be a nightmare or go excellent. And excellent it went :) I scheduled Thomas 4 month check up and Gracie's 18 month check up on the same day at the same time just to save me an extra trip to the doctor. Gracie did great! Still off the charts for her height. And Thomas did wonderful until shot time came around! But needless to say he slept the rest of the afternoon :) So hard to believe that our kids are growing so big so fast!!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Huge Milestones!

Okay I am alittle overwhelmed I will admit! It seems like just yesterday Thomas was born but now my little man is eating cereal. How is it possible that they grow up so fast so quickly!! Not only has he started cereal but last night he slept 7:30pm to 7:30am! WHOA!!! And to add to those two big milestones he has started rolling over... Just when you think that is enough excitement in one household. Gracie starts using the POTTY!!!! Yep that right the big girl potty.
Keep it coming mom!!!!This is the look of a full belly!
Finally a tiny pony tail......
Goodmorning Mommy

Fun day with "Aunt Jenny"

Last week we were able to go to the Children's Museum with "Aunt Jenny" and had a wonderful time! Last time I took Gracie to the museum Thomas wasn't born yet and she was barely even walking. So needless to say this time we were able to do everything and boy did she have fun :) I think her favorite part was either the grocery store shopping or carrying around the baby dolls in the toddler room. Thanks Jenny for a fun day :)

I am good at this I always see mommy doing it!

What fruit do I want?

Excuse me I have a coupon for that!!!

(notice Cashier Jenny with a baby in her arms. So talented)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Coastal Carolina Fair

Sunday Tommy, Gracie and I went to the Coastal Carolina Fair. We decided to only take Gracie and have just a "Gracie Day". I must say she was mesmerized by the lights, people, helicopter that kept flying over and rides. She is just like her mom when it comes to fair food. LOVES IT :) She and I shared a yummy powdered sugar covered funnel cake. Boy oh boy was it good. We took her to see the animals and she was not so impressed. The only animal she would even come close to was the cows forget the chickens, goats and horses. She made some of the funniest faces i have ever seen when the chickens and roosters made noises. We got a few pictures to share!

Trick or Treat

This year for Halloween we decided to stay home and hand out candy to all the trick or treater! Gracie absolutly loved it. Nothing like eating candy and waiting for kids all dressed up to come see you and get candy from you. Gracie did a very good sharing her candy with the kids.

What is the result of a kid having too much candy?

Running around the yard at 8:30 at night like a wild woman :)