Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The first of many! I hope.....

Well, the Martin Family is going CAMPING!! Ha Ha! We will see how this goes! Tommy, the kids and I are borrowing Tom and Dawn's big camper and we are headed to Santee State Park next week for a week of camping. I am excited but at the same time nervous. If we have any problems I think it will only be sleeping. If one wakes up everyone will wake up! Most likely there will be a slight learning curve!!!! Despite the fact that Gracie is still sick the doctor gave us the go ahead to go on a vacation. ( Update: In case you haven't heard we found out that Gracie has Salmonella Poisoning. Today will be four weeks straight of diarrhea. We are all so over it I couldn't even begin to explain. It took the doctors 3 weeks to figure it out and that is an extremely sore subject with me. I told them from day one of the diarrhea something is wrong and this is not normal. They continued to tell me I was wrong and this is normal and nothing is wrong with her. After seeing blood and having a high fever I refused for them to tell me nothing was wrong and they needed to figure something out.... Fortunately they figured out what it is and unfortunately where is not a thing they can do about it. They can only give antibiotics if it is a certain type of salmonella. NOT SO FUN FACT: there are over 2000 types of Salmonella. As of yesterday it will be at least another 2 weeks for the Health Department to figure out which one she has. The doctor informed us yesterday that 90% of the time it will turn out to be one they can't give her anything for. So for now all we can do is pray pray pray and wait it out!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I LOVE them!

Poor Thomas! Just one of the many perks to having a big sister.

That's my girl! Walking around in a t-shirt a diaper and high heels. Not to mention the high heels are furry!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Continued Faithfulness

About a month ago I wrote a blog about Thomas medical expenses being paid for through a applications I filled out at the hospital when I delivered. Well too much of my surprise the application continues to spread. We had Gracie's two year check up today and when I went to checkout and let the nurse know I was self-pay she informed me that my daughter Gracyn's medical expenses were covered under a charity application I filled out until May 2011. The poor receptionist girl.. I just stared at her as tears started streaming down my face. I just smiled and said Thank you before the tears started pouring! I knew Thomas was covered but didn't know that Gracie is too! On top of that amazing news Gracie's didn't have to have any shots. I think I was the happiest mom in that place. Not only did I go in with the mind set that Gracie was going to get shots but I had Thomas too. I was trying to figure out in my head how was I going to calm down Gracie and tend to Thomas as the appointment was during his nap time. Also to end the appointment Dr. Stadalsky told us after they measured Gracie that her height is still above the 95th percentile. He said based on her chart he is going to guess that her is be anywhere from 5'9 to 6'2. 6'2 being the extreme. He said she will definitely be 5'10 but maybe taller. All I could do was laugh...