Monday, September 15, 2014

Our Hiking Adventure

While we were in Ohio Tom and Dawn (Tommy's parents) and Tommy's cousins took us to a national park to do some hiking and exploring with the kids. It was beautiful and we all loved it :)

Ms. daredevil and her granny

Go figure we go on a hiking adventure and Annabelle finds a horsey picture :)

Everyone racing Papa

She may be last but she is coming... She was a little distracted by every yellow flower she passed and had to pick

looking for deer

Freezing cold stream water

Once again Daredevil #1 and #2

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Martin Family Reunion

Last week we got back from a five day trip to Ohio to visit with some of Tommy's family and had a Martin Family reunion. We had a blast and really enjoyed getting to see everyone. Most of the cousins and extended family I had never met nor have they met our kids so it was a lot of fun to watch all the little cousins get together and immediately hit it off.  So here are a billion pictures.

Lots of excitement going into the airport. 

hanging out in ATL

6am flight baby

Thomas loves to fell prepared. I explained what he was looking at so he then proceeded to tell me what he was to do if the plane crashed.
First stop was to Tom's favorite restaurant Belgrades.

What would a family reunion be without bubbles

A little corn hole action

Chip blowing up the biggest beach ball I had ever seen...

Annabelle and her granny

Gracie and GiGi

Aunt Tammy made the cutest cupcakes

Aunt April had the magic touch

Tom and his siblings and their spouses

All the cousins and spouses

Great Grands

My oh so corporative son :)

I asked annabelle to please pick up the horse shoes and she didn't want to make two trips..

Such a sweet moment watching the Martin men praying for each other

I will post more tomorrow from the rest of our trip..