Friday, March 15, 2013

More dance pictures!

Here are a few more Daddy Daughter dance party pictures from others.

Here And Now

Inspired by "Simple and Joyful"{this moment} - A Friday ritual. single photo - no words - capturing moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. moment want to pause, savor and remember" 

Monday, March 11, 2013

A Wonderful Birthday WEEKEND...

I was spoiled rotten with three days of birthday fun! Thursday morning my good friend Meagan came by on her way out of town and dropped off a wonderful birthday present! So Sweet, Thanks Meagan :) Then Thursday night Tommy, the kids and I celebrated as a family my birthday with a yummy dinner and cake. And to take the night over the top (in my book) I literally went to bed at 7pm not having to clean up from dinner, not do baths, bedtime routine, or anything for that matter. It was AMAZING! Then Friday (my actual birthday) Tommy surprised me by taking the whole day off of work and my sister was on my doorstep at 7am with dounuts and a present! What better ways to wake up then those! Friday evening we were kid free and my sweet husband cooked me dinner and also surprised me with a leather couch that I have been wanting forever! He is amazing...  Then Saturday we spent the whole day together just the two of us! Once again AMAZING! My parents came over and hung out for a little while on Saturday and brought me a bread machine! I am dieing to use it.. Fresh Bread Anyone! Then finally Saturday afternoon my sweet friend Jenny surprised me by taking me out to dinner and then surprising me again (even had to be blindfolded) by taking me to wine and design for some painting fun with some other girls! They are awesome.. Thank you all for such a wonderful weekend!
From my awesome brother and sister...

I can tell I may become a couch potato!

Leslie's shrimp boats, Jenny's palm tree, my spot tail bass, and Jessie's lion! Not bad for a bunch of non painters :)

Monday, March 4, 2013

Father Daughter Date Night

This past Friday evening Tommy and Gracie went to the father daughter Valentine dance that her school put on. Gracie was beyond thrilled about it and Friday couldn't come fast enough. And while Tommy and Gracie went on their date I took Thomas and Annabelle on our own date night. Most definetly not as exciting and fancy as Gracie but Thomas and Annab loved it. Annabelle was not the most well behaved child but that is par for the course with my "wild child"! :)

Tommy surprised Gracie with a corsage! He is the best daddy ever! She totally felt like a princess..

Cute picture right? Well about a half a second later she threw the juice box and about hit the lady in pink behind her. All because she didn't want mommies help :)