Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Some updates...

We have a lot of big things happening around the Martin household lately and blogging has been last on the list. So a few weeks ago (okay a month) tommy and I went to Clemson to visit my sister and brother and go to a game. It was so fun just being together and having a little break from the munchkins. And while we were away we listed our house for sale and within four days of being on the market we had a contract! Woohoo Praise The Lord! We are very excited to embark on a new journey and are so thankful that each and every prayer request has been taken care of. The Lord has truly opened and closed doors throughout this entire selling process. I will admit I have already become emotional about selling our house. (Tommy thinks it is funny) I cried telling him this is where our family started and grew our family. We have so many memories here, but like my husband has said we will continue to make more :)
    Then most recently Tommy and I had the opportunity to go to the Southern Ground Music and Food Fevestival on Daniel island. It was awesome! We were blessed to have VIP tickets given to us and we met some really fun people there. One of which was a Zac Brown look a like and I managed to fool a few family members into thinking he really was Zac Brown. Haha good times....

Up in the box acting crazy

Finally my happy baby after a yucky stomach bug that all of us had!

Beautiful Bella Eve Bennett

Disney on Ice

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Photo dump off my camera

It has taken me far too long to get these pictures off my camera. So here we go!