Monday, June 11, 2012

More Summer Happening

Here are some more summer happenings around the Martin Household...

Park Day with Miss Hollywood

Poor Annabelle thought she was eating something she liked.. As you can tell she didn't like it..

Thomas kept telling Gracie to get in his truck.

BUSTED!!! (Look at that smirk)

Beautiful afternoon at MoMo's

Thomas helping the next door neighbors landscaping guy do her yard. (FYI: the landscaper is my dad) haha

Yet another nap at the beach this past Saturday

She is trying to walk...YIKES!

Home group Cook out Sunday! (Adam and Levi taste testing the homemade ice cream Mr. Scott made)

Cornhole game 

Levi and Helms running from the sprinkler

The Group Photo

The Riverdog's Game

Gracie and her Aunt April

Watching the baseball game.. 

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