Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Columbia trip and Oyster Fevestival

This past weekend Gracie, Annabelle and I went to Chapin with my family and my moms brother and sisters to see my uncle for his birthday and see his new house! It was a really quick trip but so good! Thankfully my sister Allie rode with me and helped with the girls! My brother came down from Clemson to meet us, so it was really good to see him as well.

Then on Sunday we went to the Boone Hall Oyster Fevestival because my sister in law April had won some tickets. We enjoyed getting to spend time with them and haveing a little break from the babes but I will say I will probably not do the fevestival again! Parking was a nightmare, it was absolutely packed ( like 40,000 people packed) and then on top of that we didn't even get any oysters. They ran out:(  Well what do you do... Live and Learn :)

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