Monday, February 3, 2014

Weekend Review

I am so thankful for a rather laid back weekend. We had a few things happening but nothing to terribly exciting and that is great with me ;)
On Saturday we went and signed Thomas up for T-Ball at some local field by our house. He is so stinking excited I don't think he can wait for March.. Then we made our way down to the new local farmers market. It was great and the kids loved it with the exception of some rain! There is always next weekend!
Then the girls and I went to one of Gracie's classmates birthday party at the park while the boys went to the fishing store to buy some fishing tackle.. According to Thomas and daddy they can never have too much fishing tackle... I beg to differ!
Then on Sunday after Church since the weather was absolutely AMAZING..... the kids wanted to learn how to drive the golf cart. 
If this little test drive with Gracie is any little inclination of how she is going to be when she is older we are in big trouble.. Sweet girl was grinning ear to ear and doing circles at full speed! 
We ate our weight in oysters before the Superbowl Game!
And my little peanut is looking through her "Binoculars" to see if she sees anything in the woods :) 

Love low-key family weekends

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