Monday, February 3, 2014

3 years ago now!

I can't believe that 3 years ago this month we found out that Gracie had an extremely rare AVM in her brain. 3 years.... Time has gone by so fast. Sitting here today looking at where we started this whole process I am overwhelmed with emotions. Good and Bad. First, and foremost I am incredibly thankful. Thankful for life, thankful for the Lord protecting her since the day she was born, thankful for a diagnoses, thankful for her doctors, thankful for treatments, thankful for her bravery, thankful for her strength, thankful for continuous recovery! I look at her today and see a child full of energy, smart as a pistol, daring, loving, caring and beautiful! You can click here and read about her. Gracie's Story! Even though I am so thankful the realization still creeps in knowing that she is not completely healed. We will have to have more treatments one day, unless the Lord supernaturally heals her which is a thought and prayer never far from our minds! To my sweet Gracie we love you more than anything and know well in our hearts that one day you will be able to testify to the healing that the Lord has done in your life!

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