Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Weekend Wrap-up

This weekend I helped host a baby shower for my good friend Meagan and sweet baby Riley who is due in March! I was really slack and forgot my camera ( go figure) but did get a couple pictures of the diaper cake I did for her.

Then on Sunday after church we went with my dad to some land that he care takes and shot skeet. It was a sweet time that we got to spend together! Thomas and Gracie got to practice shooting their little gun with Tommy's help and our nephew Chip was able to come join us in the fun!
I love the huge smile on Gracie's face...

And then mister intense.... 

By far my favorite picture from the day!! That was the last shot and his shoulder was killing him!

Aunt Katie had to challenge Chip in a shoot off! I lost :(

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Brittany said...

What a cute diaper cake!