Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Wrap-up: Goodbye January

This weekend started off with a bang! We got the best surprise this week when my mom called and ask if all three grand-kids could spend the night with her and pops Friday night! I am not sure who screamed louder with excitement me or Gracie ;) So Tommy and I decided to just have a relaxing date night at home with none other than homemade sushi rolls and movie night! Best Idea Ever!

 Then on Saturday afternoon when the kiddos got back it was pretty windy so we decided to try out of new kite we got for Christmas. The kids were so stinking excited and were more than eager to help daddy put the airplane kite together. 

When my mom and dad pulled in the driveway with the kids Saturday and Gracie came running up the back steps with a huge smile I quickly noticed something was missing.... She pulled out her own tooth in my moms car. These no doubt will be some amazing school pictures :)

Also on Saturday Gracie wanted to go ride the big tractor with her daddy while he bush-hogged some roads in the back of the property. And about thirty minutes into it this was the picture I was sent... Nothing like a good snooze on a tractor ride huh?
And that wraps up our last weekend in January for 2014! Unbelievable.... And on a side note pray for snow tomorrow****** I am sure that if it snows I will revert back to a 5 year old within minutes of snow flakes... it is inevitable 

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