Tuesday, January 7, 2014


So seeing is how December has come and gone I will just post about some of the things we did the past month. 
This month Tommy and I celebrated 7 years of marriage. When I look at these three blessing I am so very thankful for their daddy. He is truly my best friend, my love and my unconditional supporter. 

I can't get enough of this little firecracker. She is so full of spunk I can't stand it. 

Christmas Program at Church

Emerson is totally the adopted 4th Martin child. We love her some much!

Christmas Eve at Granny and Papa's (Tom and Dawn's)

I absolutely love the picture of Tom and Annabelle. I can't tell who is more excited ;)
Tommy thankfully was able to help my dad fix their dock. I am so thankful and fortunate to have a husband who can so easily fix things.

Sunday naps are the best

Carson was so sweet to paint Annabelle's nails. Poor Carson I don't think Annabelle sat long enough to have her whole hand painted.

Three Musketeer's! It was the sweetest thing that these three went hunting with there daddies out at our place. 

95% of the time when Thomas and daddy go hunting this is what kind of picture I get.

And the boys were over the moon excited... Tracking a deer, playing in the woods at night with flashlights are totally what boys should be doing! They really enjoyed themselves.

Oyster Roast at Tom and Dawn's New Years Eve. And might I add Tom and Dawn went and picked their own oysters. Now how many of you can say your mother-in-law goes in a boat to pick her own oysters :)

Thomas was all about shucking them his self

Woody came and stayed the night with us and I really didn't think the kids were gonna be okay having to take him back to Wadmalaw

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