Monday, August 19, 2013

Myrtle Beach & Clemson

Two weekends ago my mom, dad, sister, brother, tommy, kids and I all went to myrtle beach for the day to watch my dad redeem his Father's Day present! A Jet-Pack ride in the ocean..... I can't even tell how much my dad loves jet-packs and for whatever reason I he was dying to ride one one day! It was a little bit of a long ride with nine people in my car but many memories where made and that what it is all about!

Then this past weekend I went with my parents and sister Allie to move her into her dorm up at Clemson. WHOA!!!!!! Okay so to be honest that was my first moving in experience for a college dorm and it was very much organized chaos..... Sat in a traffic line for an hour and half then once we were able to park the car we were swarmed by upper classman opening all the doors and grabbing bags or whatever you had in the car and taking it up to her dorm. Pretty cool if you ask me :) a very bitter sweet weekend. Allie I want you to know that you are the worlds best sister and aunt. Not one week went by that you didn't come see the kids or me. You have gone over and beyond preparing for school and I see nothing but a bright future ahead of you. I can't wait to come up in a couple weeks and see you! Love you very much.......

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