Wednesday, August 21, 2013

How could I forget this......

How could I forget this special memory that we had last week. Tommy took Thomas hunting on opening day and the two of them got their first buck together. I am not sure who was more excited Tommy or Thomas. When Tommy and Thomas got in the stand they saw a very nice 8point and tommy was explaining to Thomas he has to whisper so it will not scare the deer away. So when they were getting settled in tommy but the ear muffs on Thomas to protect his ears from the gun shot when Thomas figured since he had the ear muffs on he had to talk loud for daddy to hear him and scared the deer away. Hahaha Tommy then had to explain how ear muffs work and that you still have to whisper as if you didn't have the ear muffs on. Not long after that 5 more deer came out and they scoped out the biggest one and shot! Both were smiling ear to ear and totally soaking up the moment together just daddy and son.
Thomas posing with daddy's deer with his pretend gun he took with him. So stinking cute!

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