Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Getting Ready!!

We are officially getting ready for Spring/summer around this joint! We have been busy doing different things around the house to spurce up for spring. A couple of weekends ago we had two large trees taken down in our backyard. So once that was done and all cleaned up our yard really looked like a wreck! Our grass looked pitiful, no flowers, no pine straw just a lot of dirt and made me feel blah... So after much talk about it we decided to lay sod in our backyard. We threw out the option to seed it with grass seed but the thought of not allowing anyone in the backyard for 4-6 weeks was a nightmare to me. Not an option! We spend so much time outside that, that would be considered torture! So sod it is! And we couldn't be happier:) I will also include a couple of pictures from when we went and picked strawberries last week with the Costa and loaded up on a lot of berries! Annabelle was one tired puppy and she by far ate her weight in strawberries while picking them! These are in no particular order!
After picking!

She looks gigantic to me

This was after I gave some away!




Christin K said...

Your yard looks amazing!!!!! Great job :) And I think I need to take my crew strawberry picking!!

Katie Martin said...

Lets go! My crew will be due in a couple weeks! Lets make it a play day;)

Meagan and Chris said...

it looks so good!! Want to come do ours? :)