Thursday, March 8, 2012

Disney World Trip

We are back and somewhat regrouped from our trip to Florida. We had a really great time minus and few set backs. Tom and Dawn ended up not being able to join us due to Dawn's dad being very sick. Also we were supposed to leave on Wednesday last week but Wednesday morning I was at the doctors office with Annabelle. Two hours later we leave the doctors office with a double ear infection and RSV. The RSV wasn't bad enough to treat so he only gave her a prescription for her ears. So needless to say we waited for the meds to kick in and left Thursday morning. All the kids did great for the 6 1/2 hour car ride! Tommy and I went in to this trip excepting to need a vacation after this vacation but really and truly it wasn't that bad. So here are a few pictures!
Sorry some how they are all out of order and i don't even feel like trying to fix them.
Magic Kingdom

This girl was so excited to see all the characters!

Annabelle passed out during the parade.

The Lego store! Thomas was in heaven... Lego Woody!

Train ride around magic kingdom

Annabelle excited to eat!

We eat at the most amazing Seafood restaurant. There was a playground right by our table so Tommy and I enjoyed a great dinner while the kids played. So relaxing...

Gracie trying to win a stuffed animal

Sea World dolphin show! it was so good that we ended up going to Sea World two days.. The kids loved it!!!

Thomas wants a stuffed animal now!

Gracie didn't want to wear her princess hat so Mommy did!

Okay please take note of the HUGE stuffed animal on top to the stroller. By no means am I a stuffed animal kind of person and I really can't stand huge one's mainly because what in the world are we going to do with something that stinky big. Well when two kids are so excited about Daddy winning it you better believe we are keeping it!

What child loves tarter sauce so much she would drink it!!! GROSS!!

My girls...


Emily Kovach said...

I'm so jealous right now! It's so much fun going with kids that get all excited!!!

Christin K said...

I am so glad yall had a wonderful time at Disney!!! I hate that Annabelle had a double ear infection and RSV but she looked like she had fun too, so Im glad the meds worked :)

Jenny G. said...

Yay! I'm glad I finally got to see these! Looks like so much FUN!!! Glad you got to go!