Thursday, March 29, 2012

Busy March

This month has been very busy for our family with lots of parties and events.. A couple of baby showers, and my in-law's surprise 30th anniversary party. Here's a bunch of pictures;

My Cousin Joy's Baby Shower:
The Oh So Yummy Watermelon Stroller... Super easy to make!

The Mommy & Baby Six pack

Diaper Cake

Washcloth Lollipops

Cheesecake Stuffed Strawberries

Tom & Dawn's Anniversary Party
Their Invitations

Shhh here they come!

Party Favors.. My kitchen smelled so good after baking 90 cookies...

Wedding Cake (Thank you Anna)

Drink Table

The Flower vases are complimentary of Annabelle! They are her formula containers... HA HA

The Food Trough

A Window Pane with their old Wedding photos for everyone to see

Low country Boil, frogmore stew, Beaufort Stew whatever name you wish to call it

The Oyster Table stayed full

Tom & Dawn watching the slide show I put together

Cake cutting time

Will he smash it in her face?

Yes Yes he did!


Jackie Miller said...

Katie! You are so talented with all these party ideas! I'm amazed. I want you to plan Noa's birthday party so I don't have to do it!!!!!!! :) Thanks for sharing the pics - seems like Tom & Dawn were blessed. :)

Meagan and Chris said...

Did you make all of that?? So cute! i might have to steal a couple ideas for a baby shower. love the washcloth lollipops. And great idea on the formula container! I have a billion!

Jenny G. said...

Everything looked so great! I liked seeing all these crafty ideas that I've heard you talk about. They came out great! :) You really did a wonderful job! I could tell Tom & Dawn were blessed. All your hard work paid off!