Tuesday, May 18, 2010

"Strawbee Pickin"

Today we went as Gracie calls it" Strawbee Pickin". The kids and I joined Shelley, Carson, Eli, Isaac, Jackie, Noa, Ruthie, Ivana, Evie & Ansley out at Ambrose Farm to pick some wonderful strawberries. I wasn't sure what to except with Gracie & Thomas. Gracie was not a big fan at all. She didn't like getting her feet dirty or didn't like walking in the rows. So she picked I think one strawberry and was done :) Thomas on the other hand didn't mind at all. As quickly as I put them in the bucket he would try and eat them. He had dirt and strawberry from one end of his body to the other along with mommy. We had a great time with everyone and glad we were able to get together! Thanks guys!

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