Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thankful Thursday

I have been reflecting a lot this morning on all the things that I am thankful for in my life:

*I am thankful I have the most loving husband who works very hard to provide for us. He has done such an amazing job helping me feel comforted, protected, well provided for and stood by my side in hard times.
* I am so very thankful that two years ago this month Gracie had her first embolization treatment. I can barely write this without crying with joy. She is doing amazing! I was just reflecting with a good friend the other night about her and all we endured with her along the way. So thankful that we have past that stage in our life and my precious girl is healed!
* I am thankful Annabelle is feeling better. For the past few days my poor girl has looked and felt pretty pitiful.. Glad we are on the up & up.
* I am thankful I had the opportunity to sit with a friend this past week and just talk. No kids, no interruptions, no holding back just some good ole girl talk!
* I am thankful for my dad. My dad has had epilepsy since he was a kid and lately he has had a few seizures and they are not sure why. I am thankful he took me under his wing and calls me his own. (He is techincally my stepdad but when he and my mom got married he adopted me so my last name changed to his.I have always felt that he is my dad and never thought of him as anything different.) He has been an amazing dad to look up too and share my life with. I love him.
* I am thankful for my little buddy Thomas. He and I really enjoy getting to share some more one on one time now that Gracie is in school.

I hope everyone has a great Thursday and when you have the chance I want you to reflect on what you are thankful for this Thursday!

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Meagan and Chris said...

love it katie! You are such an ecouragement! Those kiddos and hubby are thankful for you to