Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas 2012

Christmas was just as merry and bright as it could be at the Martin Household this year! For the first time we decided to spend the whole day at home as a family of five. No running from house to house and no rushing to the next stop! It was AMAZING.... My parents and brother and sister stopped by Christmas morning after we finished seeing all the wonderful things Santa left for us, and Tom and Dawn stopped by a little later in the afternoon. Gracie and Thomas are at such a fun age for Christmas and their excitement for every little detail is infectious! You can't help but be just as excited with them! It literally brought Tommy and I back to when we were kids and remembering the night before as the hardest ever to fall asleep because you were just so excited. Tommy and I were both up at literally 5:30am waiting patiently for everyone to wake up. We thought for sure everyone would be up super early but of course they decided to sleep till 7am. Go figure! Oh we'll! Tommy and I were able to spend some good quality time together by a fire listening to a peaceful quiet house. (Which we knew would be short lived once the kids woke up) So thankful that both our families understood our desire to start our own traditions this year! Thank you for your support!

Daddy making a fire

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