Thursday, November 1, 2012

~Happy Halloween

The kids and I started the day off  with some yummy Krispy Kreme Halloween doughnuts. I saw a promotion somewhere that you get a free doughnut if you come dressed up in your costume.

Then we had a group of friends over for some chili and trick or treating! The kids loved it! 
My Little Red Riding Hood!


Russ & Anna Came dressed up in their 80's outfits and Annabelle needed to borrow his glasses.

Trick or treat

Emerson very happy with the treasure...

Chris pockets were getting so full he needed to take a wagon ride!

Annabelle running to show me her candy!

Noah and his mommy looking at all of his goodies!

Love this family!!!

This pictures cracks me up! Annabelle started crying and all the dads look all concerned except Chris! He looks like "girl whats up! What you crying for? Peace!"


Meagan and Chris said...

thanks for making it such a fun night! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Katie! This is Nicole DuPree! I was looking at pictures from middle school the other day and then I randomly came across your blog! I didn't know you married Tommy Martin (I went to jics with him) and you guys have 3 kids... They are so cute! I just wanted to say hi since I saw your blog!

The Martins said...

Oh my goodness Nicole! How are you? That's so funny you found or blog!