Thursday, October 25, 2012

Annabelle 15 months!

   My Anna banana is 15 months old and one silly silly girl! I know your not supposed to compare your kids but I totally do it all the time. What I have found is she is so far the most passionate out of my three! Sounds like a good word to use!! Right? And by passionate I mean stubborn, hard headed, does like to share, knows what she wants when she wants it and wants to be center of attention! Yep, that about sums it up! I love this girl to pieces and I will be the first to admit I have spoiled her rotten. Tommy always tells me this as a friendly reminder that one day this is going to come back and bite me. I usually smile and nod but truth is I know it will... Today we had her 15 month shots and checkup. Everything checked out great and of course shots didn't go over well. Funny thing is I am not sure who cried more Annabelle or Thomas. Not because he didn't want her to get shots but he just flat out didn't want to be there. He was not in the mood to talk fishing with Dr. Todd, didn't care to play I spy, and didn't care for a lollipop either.  Annabelle's stats from today were she is in the 46th percentile for her weight and the 29th for her height. That just blows my mind because with the other two they still to this day have never come out of the 95th percentile with there height. She is my little tiny!

   So the newest tricks and traits of Annabelle.. She and Thomas share a room and she loves to entertain him at bedtime. Almost every night we try and lay Annabelle down about thirty minutes before Thomas hoping that she will fall asleep before it is time for him to lay down. But we have recently learned that she waits for her big brother to come in so the party can begin. With all the giggles coming out of that room you can't help but smile. She also is learning more and more words. The newest funniest one is the word "Snack"... I probably hear this word about 50 times a day. Easy! To make this an even better word to listen to all day is she says it in a very whinny, nasally ascent. Actually it reminds me a lot of that show that was on long ago called "The Nanny" with Fran the nanny.

This would be her mad face... 

And this is the beyond mad face all because mommy left the room I was in!

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