Monday, July 23, 2012

Thomas & Annabelle Birthday

This past Saturday we celebrated Thomas & Annabelle's birthday! How cool is it to have two kids have the exact same birthday. They're two years apart to the day. Double birthday's for the rest of their lives... We had a Under the Sea party out at my parents house and enjoyed a beautiful day with close friends and family!

The fishing rod cupcakes

The Bait Tray

Chicken of the Sea Starfish sandwiches
(Forgot to get a picture of our PB&J sushi rolls, Fish shaped watermelon.)

My Uncle Rhett surprised Thomas and brought the Fire Truck for everyone to ride!

Helms wanted to take it for a spin

All the dads going for a ride

Then the moms turn

Everyone in the creek

Ms. Emerson liked her some mud!

Levi showing KK his fish

Thomas refused to look at the camera..

I would say Ms. Eden liked her cupcake

Mom is not fast enough....

Worth the wait...

Matt, Ashley & the kids stayed after everyone left and got to throw the cast net a little.

Thanks Chris & Meagan! I would say he really liked his present! he he

Happy Birthday my two little loves!


Jenny G. said...

You throw a great party! We had so much fun! Happy Birthday Thomas & Annabelle! :)
Great photos btw. :)

Meagan and Chris said...

Such fun pictures!!! You did a great job!

Jackie Miller said...

Katie! You're setting the bar pretty high with all of those cute decorations and a fire truck! Sorry we missed this one- looked like you guys had so much fun. Happy Birthday Thomas and Annabelle!