Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Fourth of July Activities..
We went to my parents for their annual get together. The kids had a blast and unless they were taking a nap or eating they were in the water!
Annabelle's First Fourth of July

Annabelle with Aunt Allie

Annabelle trying to figure out why she is not getting a kayak ride.
Floating in the creek

Gracie showing off her new tackle box!

Fishing, Fishing, Fishing! Thomas can't get enough of it. He literally ask every single day if we can go fishing..  
Here are some misc. trips we have been on recently.
Looking to see if he was getting a bite!

P.J. and Gracie

On his way to the fishing hole! Look how happy he is..

Trying to catch one of the minnows in the bucket!

Thomas showing Annabelle what a Shrimp is.

Not sure!

thinking she is going to have a bite.

Trying out his early birthday present. A cast net from his Aunt Allie.

He caught his first shrimp

Gracie's turn


Jackie Miller said...

Can't believe that shrimp!!! Gross!!! I wouldn't be so sure about it either! :)

Courtney & David said...

Great pictures - look like fun times! Such adorable kids :)

Holly Stier said...

GREAT pictures!