Thursday, July 28, 2011

Annabelle Kathryn Martin

Finally, I am now getting around to writing about our sweet new addition. Ms. Annabelle... Alot of people have asked what are we going to call her and I have to admit she has many different names. Tommy and I call her Annabelle, Gracie calls her Bella and Thomas will either call her Bella or he has started to say Annie. So this little lady has many different names... This deliver was amazing. I was not to thrilled with having to be induced  because all I could think about was how my induction went with Gracie and I was dreading it all over again. Gracie it took alittle over 12 hours but this time around it really only took 3 1/2 hours. I went in at 11:00am on Friday started oxytocin around 12:15pm, and contractions started about 1:00pm. By 3:00pm I could take the contractions anymore so asked for my epidural. By this time I was 7-8 cm and by 4:30pm she was here.. Quick quick quick... Annabelle has been a dream.. She is such a good baby. She sleeps great, eats wonderfully and  doesn't even flinch at all the noise her brother and sister make around her. The past two nights she has eaten around 8:30pm and slept till 2-2:30 then after eating goes right back to sleep and I don't she her again till 5:30am. I love it.. Well enough with the talking I have pictures and lots of them.. Enjoy :)


Karen Miller said...

She's beautiful (Bella). A blessed family is what I see. Congratulations!

Emily Kovach said...

Yay, so excited that you have this so I can be updated!!! And Gracie looks amazing! See y'all next week when we get back!!!