Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Just some fun!!

We had a great morning this morning with some buddies of ours at the Children's Museum downtown. Ashley, Lilly, Asher, Ivana, Evie & sweet Ansley meet us at the museum for some fun times. Here are a few picture to show you the crazy kiddos!!!

He is pouting!!!

Gracie got a huge T-Bone steak and a box of ice cream. What a combination!!

Lilly only wanted her Cereal

"The girls"

Evie "the good one" picking out her fruit and veggies unlike Gracie and Lilly!! HA HA


k8 said...

It sure looks like everyone had a blast! What cuties!

thetalbotts said...

Sorry we missed out on the fun...I'm sure my kids would have been the ones getting ice cream and steaks too! :)