Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A little dirt won't hurt!

Out of all the toys and swing set and play sink in our backyard to play with what does Thomas like best? DIRT!!! In our backyard we have a tiny little area in the corner of the yard with some dirt and Thomas found it about two days ago and played and dug a hole for literally 45 minutes! He was totally zoned in on the dirt. If you called his name he would look at you for a brief second then zone back in on the hole he was trying to dig. I must say it was the cutest thing ever.... At his age I was lucky to get Gracie to walk on dirt with her shoes on. She would freak if she got dirty. He is all BOY!!!

Working hard

Coming to get me to show me his hole...

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thetalbotts said...

Don't you love how different boys & girls are? Thomas is so grown up all of a sudden!