Wednesday, September 29, 2010

This Girl Cracks Me Up!!

With in the last few weeks I feel like Gracie as developed this funny personality. (Well sometimes it is funny!) Gracie has been in a big girl bed for well over a month now and boy oh boy has it been a challenge. Never did I see this coming otherwise her little tush would still be in a crib. Every night it is something new with her. Well about a week ago Tommy was laying her down for bed and as usual she gets out of the bed only about 10.5 second after Tommy put her there to tell us that she has a boo-boo on her leg and needs medicine. Okay first time out of bed. Then Tommy puts her back and I will tell you how the conversation goes:

Tommy: Okay Gracie! It is bedtime and you need to go to sleep. Everyone is tired and everyone is going to bed.
Gracie: Okay Daddy! Can I have my passy. (pacifier)
Tommy: Here!

(About 5 minutes later we hear)

Gracie: Oh Daddy! Oh Daddy! I can't find my passy. Oh Daddy you hear me!

(At this point Tommy and I are listening to her on the monitor and just laughing.)

Tommy goes in there: Gracie! Where is you passy?  What did you do with it?
Gracie: I don't know! I can't find it!
Tommy: Well Gracie I can't find it either. Where is it?

Gracie gets out of bed and runs over to her little play kitchen in her room opens the microwave on it and says "Oh Daddy look I found them!"  With all Tommy has to compose himself he puts her back in bed comes out of her room and loses it laughing!

Another thing she has done is one morning she woke up around 6:00 and decided she was not tired any more so got out of bed and came in our room. She I guess wanted us to get up so she open and closed our door probably 10 times before Tommy got up and took her back to her room. And when I say closed our door I mean slammed it! After Tommy put her back in bed we got up about 30-45 minutes later only to find her in Thomas' room talking to him and throwing him toys into his crib. I guess since we didn't wake up and play she knew her brother would.


Jackie Miller said...

Funny girl!! Noa is actually great about going down, but lately she's been telling us that she pooped. Knowing we wouldn't go in there for anything less, she figured, "I know they'll want to change my dipe, so I'll just keep telling them that I pooped!" Silly girls. If they only knew how precious sleep was!

The Weeks Family said...

so funny! We still laugh at Rebecca's 1st night in her toddler bed. She got up every 30 seconds or so... Charles finally went in her room and laid on the floor beside the bed and held her hand. After about an hour, I went in there to get him... I tip toed to his side and whispered "Honey, I think you can come out now." To which I heard in a sweet whisper, "Mommy, shhhh. Daddy is sleeping." And he was...

What did end up working is using the same sheets, blankets, everything that had come off of her crib instead of the new cute bedding we had bought.