Monday, September 13, 2010

Clemson Weekend!

Tommy and I finally got a chance to get away for the weekend with no kids. It was great to relax and enjoy each other without someone saying Mommy Mommy every two minutes. But about three or four hours into the drive to Clemson I started to really miss my kids. This weekend was family weekend up at Clemson and since my brother is now a student up there at the Bridge program we went for a visit. My mom was awesome! She really didn't feel like driving up there since she just saw my brother the weekend before so called me and offered us her tickets to the game and offered to stay home and keep the kids by herself while we got a weekend away. She is Awesome!!! Tommy has never been to a college game so he got the royal treatment for his first game if you ask me! My cousin and his family own box seats so that is where our tickets were! Not only did we get box seats we got a parking pass right on front of the stadium to experience the whole tailgating thing. Once we got to the box it was fully catered. Tommy was in amazement! We get to seat in A/C, eat all the food you want and have two flat screen T.V.'s in front of you to watch other football games along with the one in front of you! Just his luck Ohio State was playing at the same time as Clemson so we were watching that game on T.V. too!

      It was really great to see my brother and where he is living! He is in a awesome apartment complex that the bridge program has all of there student stay at! Way nicer then you could ever imagine! They have a club house there that has a huge outdoor pool with a lazy river around it, ping pong table and volleyball court. Then you go inside a you got tanning beds, pool table room with huge flat screen TVs to watch whatever you want, huge work out room, study room and giant kitchen! Tommy wanted to know how in the world are you supposed to study with all of that around you to do! But it was great! I am really happy for him and can see he really likes it! I just wish it was closer to home! Didn't realize how much I would miss him!

The Family!

The Kids!

In the Box!

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