Friday, August 6, 2010

She Did It!!!

We did it! Gracie is potty trained! Wahoooooo! I have never been so happy about someone using the bathroom! Ha ha. It has been about a week straight of using the big girl potty with a few accidents here and there but for the most part she is not wearing a diaper. The only time I am putting a diaper on right now is at bed time. We will work to that stage. We went to Babies R Us the other day and I tried putting a diaper on her for the car ride put she refused and screamed when I tried to change her she we went to North Charleston with Elmo underwear on! She made it the whole way there and as soon as we got there is went potty! I was so excited..... But needless to say we didn't make it the whole way home without an accident. She told me she needed to go but there was no where for me to stop so I tried to explain to a 2 year old to hold it and obviously she didn't understand. How do you explain that to a 2 year old. Hold it! HA HA

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