Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Mom's Purse

I am not sure if it is just me but the contents in my purse sure have changed since I have had kids. The other day I was at CVS (my favorite coupon place) when I was trying to dig around in this bottomless pit of a purse to try and find my CVS card! So after my CVS trip I decided to come home a empty out my purse and clean it up! Let me just tell you what came out of my not so big purse.

-two sippy cups (1 Gracie's and the other Thomas)
-random stack of receipts
-loose change
-Gracie Toothbrush (okay I have no idea how that got in there)
-coupons and lots of them
-lots on pens
-my wallet
-my coupon organizer (obviously I haven't been very organized if I have random coupons floating around my purse)
-chap stick
-small bag of goldfish (to keep Thomas entertained with)
and finally band aids!

Okay way to much stuff to be in my purse but I must admit everything beside the Toothbrush I use or would need. I guess to fix my problem I just need a bigger purse! HA HA

1 comment:

The Weeks Family said...

Sounds like a good excuse to go purse shopping to me! At least you have a purse... I have moved from a purse to just sticking a wallet in my diaper bag!