Monday, October 19, 2009


Okay, I must admit having a 17 month old and a 3 month old the entertainment never ends around our house. Actually Gracie alone keeps me entertained:) She is quickly figuring out new things to say and a lot of the time it sounds Chinese but I can usually figure out what she wants or needs. Poor Thomas has a sister that loves him so much that he gets all kind of things given to him whether he wants them or not. I am constantly says, "No Gracie, Thomas doesn't need a pillow, no Gracie, Thomas can't eat that yet, no Gracie you drink your juice, Gracie give Thomas his pacifier back.

Besides all the helping out she does she has learned a few new words. Some I like and some I don't! We have started the teach her that if she wants something to ask PLEASE.. It sounds so cute because it usually comes out "peas". The word I am not a fan of is "NO"! I think she picked it up when I tell her "no" and when I tell the dog "no". Woody (our dog) was the first one to be told "no" by Gracie but it quickly went to telling us "no". She uses it when she doesn't want to eat certain things or if she doesn't want to do something we ask her to do. That part I am not a fan about :)

It is really hard to believe that our kids are 17 months and 3 months already. Before I know it Thomas will be eating solids and Gracie will be learning to use the potty and sleeping in a big girl bed. But by no means are we going to rush either of these new obstacles.

I will post all my new pictures at a later time because I can't find my camera! Funny how that happens :) "GRACIE"

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