Monday, July 13, 2009

Some of the greatest friends ever!

I have come to realize that we are a very blessed family because we have some of the most wonderful, thoughtful, amazing friends ever! Last week our good friends Chris and Shelley hosted a surprise baby shower for me. Tommy was in on it the whole time and never lead me to think that something was going on. Of course, when we arrived to the Talbott's house for what I thought was dinner and all of our friends where there to yell SURPRISE! I am 9 months pregnant and emotional still so of course I cried!! HA HA Thank you to all of you who came and shared that special moment with us! And a special thanks to Chris and Shelley! I love you guys!! Now here are a few pictures to share. On a side note I must say Eli was great! He had special hats for some people, he helped us unwrap our gifts and told us what each one was in case we couldn't tell, entertained the ladies and helped Gracie with her drink! HA HA He was such a big help!

The wonderful cake by master baker Shelley Talbott!

Eli & Gracie helping us open gifts!

Doesn't Ashley just look so darn cute :)

Construction Man Matt!

Watch out there's a new sheriff in town

I am not sure what hat this is! But isn't he so handsome :)

"ELI look at me when I am talking to you"

"Thanks Eli I didn't feel like holding it anymore!" Check Spelling


Matt and Ashley said...

Awwww...those were really cute! I must say the hats really cracked me up. We had a great time and can't wait to meet Thomas. Definitely keep us in the loop when he let's you know its time. You guys are great, we love you :)

JackRussell said...

We were so glad to be there! I just love that you were surprised too! :)

jenny said...

Glad to have been apart of the Surprise! I knew you'd love it.
And I'm glad Thomas has BOY stuff now. :)
We're looking forward to meeting him and sharing in his life!