Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Swim Lessons

Yesterday, Gracie and I started swim lessons at St. Andrews Family Fitness. They have an amazing indoor heated swimming pool which Gracie loves. She did so good yesterday listening and trying new things. (Well as much as a 10 month old would.) The first lesson was just to get them adjusted to the water for those babies that have never been in a pool but Gracie took about 2 seconds to figure out she loved it. She practiced kicking on her belly, kicking on her back and blowing bubbles (which was funny to watch). She would basically try and drink the water which she found not to her liking. Can't wait for the next lesson!
Everyone introducing their babies

Gracie kicking on her belly! She loved this part

Trying to blow bubbles

All smiles after being dunked underwater!

Kicking on her back!

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