Monday, March 2, 2009

Wild Hair!!

I have the craziest father in law in the world. I love him to death but he is crazy!! Yesterday afternoon around 3:00 he called and had been watching the weather channel(his favorite channel) and saw where N.C. got a lot of snow so decided we needed to go for a quick trip! I just got off the phone with Tommy this morning and we are leaving this afternoon for a three day trip! WOW! Talk about spur of the moment!! Will share our photos when we return!


Kevin & Jacki Smith said...

Have fun guys! We were wanting to do the same thing this morning! But with Danielle in school its kinda hard to explain a 2 day getaway for the fun of it in the middle of a school week! So if its still there this weekend maybe we will take off then! Prayers for a safe trip!

BTW- Gracie is getting so big and cuter by the day!

Jenny said...

That's awesome that you can do that! Have fun and we'll be looking for photos! :)