Tuesday, June 16, 2015

A Massive Catch Up!

Wow talk about not updating... Since I last updated so much has happened! We moved into our new property, finished school for the summer, only have 5 weeks left before baby boy makes his arrival, celebrated Gracie's 7th birthday and so much more! So for my picture overload.....

Gracie choose to go to Sky Zone for her birthday. It was pure torture having to watch Tommy and the kids jump all over the place and me not be able too! But the pure looks of joy on their faces was so worth it.

K-4 Graduation pictures

And yes I bawled my eyes out when I saw Gracie's picture! I must be doing something right if she wants to be a mom... (maybe pregnancy hormones had something to do with that also)

Fun filled family beach day with these awesome families...

Tea Party for Gracie sweet friend Abby before she moved away

Daddy doing what he loves so much... FISHING

Since we moved to 17 acres we knew we had plenty of room for a garden. My husband went a little extreme and made a massive garden and I have to admit that at first I thought he was crazy for how big he went but I secretly love picking, sharing with friends and just checking on our garden!

Celebrating Daddy's Birthday

One morning pick

Riverdogs fun

He was so into the baseball game it was quite funny...

7yr old check up! My girl was so nervous she was gonna get shots but thankful she didn't have too.

Celebrating my cousin Emily's baby Claire with a baby shower! we are due about a week or so apart.. So fun!

She is having a girl and I am having a boy! And she is due a week before me... I feel huge! her first; my fourth!

Another morning pick with my picker girl! This girl loves to garden! She may  be a farmer one day!

Blueberry picking Team

Beach Day with my girls... This prego never got out the gully!

Sweet Sisters


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