Thursday, August 7, 2014

A little randomness

Here are a bunch of random happenings that I forgot to post about throughout the summer!
We went and picked blueberries with some friends :)

And when we finished picking we got to see our old neighbors. Whose family happens to own the blueberry farm!

One Wednesday evening we went out to Freshfields on Kiawah and watch the movie Frozen (sing along version) on the field!

Eating our popcorn and ready for the movie!

Got to see Addie one of our favorite cousins :)

So many people! And I will admit more adults were singing then kids :)

About a month ago Tommy and I got to go with my cousins and friends down to Beaufort. We went by boat down the intercoastal Waterway and stayed at the Rhett House Inn! GORGEOUS!!

Rhett House Inn

So this "little" guy (okay not little at all) was in our front yard one morning hanging out by the kids tree fort! I hate hate hate snakes and literally thought I was going to throw up when I saw it out the kitchen window. I called Tommy and demanded he drive straight home and KILL it! Needless to say I informed the kids they were never aloud back outside till it snowed again! HAHA

Family Beach Day

And we got to have a Riley Day!

Look at those cheeks!!! She was so sweet and such an easy babe! Ms. Riley Pie you make me want another one....

And finally last Sunday we went to the Riverdogs baseball game. The kids won tickets though our local library for reading a certain amount of hours this summer!

Whats better then ice cream at a ball game and finding friends!

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