Monday, April 28, 2014

Our Flordia Family Trip

I will probably do a few post over the next couple of days because I have so many pictures to share from our trip. We had a great time and are so thankful that we were able to take a trip with Tommy"s family.

We left last Friday the 18th about 9:30 in the morning and made it to Palm Bay that evening and got a hotel for the night. We weren't able to check into the house we rented till Saturday morning and we were thinking the kids would do better if we spilt up our driving into two days. The kids did great! We had no complaining and very little arguing.. Well the normal sibling arguing of course :) but over all they did amazing!
All packed up and ready to leave

This is how Annabelle felt about making it to florida!

And literally 5 minutes later....

Chip was a huge help in the car. He had kids laughing, singing and watching movies! Love him!
Then Saturday morning we made the rest of the trip. And as soon as we got to the house we walked down to the beach.

 More on the next few days tomorrow....

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