Thursday, August 23, 2012

The New Tops!

I can not explain how excited I am to have new counter tops. I completely hated our old ones due to the fact that basically the only way to clean them to look half way descent was to take straight bleach to them.... They were an awful off-white and anything and everything stained them... Anyway my wonderful husband surprised me and redid them while we were gone.. Thank you oh so my much babe!
A small glimpse of the old counter tops...

My new kitchen

And here are a few other things Tommy has built for me! I love him so much for putting up with me and all my crazy request!

How could I leave this picture out of my girls.

We have all got Lego's on our mind around here. The kids play all the time with them now and make all kinds of things using there imagination. Even I have had Lego's on the brain.. Crazy, Weird, Funny Dream! Long story...

And finally look at these two messy people... (how could you get mad at that smile)

I think Annabelle pulled a cup of milk off the table and Malachi decided to join her in the fun of wiping the floor with it. We all thought it was kinda funny... A long with the two of them...

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