Monday, May 21, 2012

We are over the Rainbow in love with this girl :)

This past Saturday was our precious Gracie's 4th birthday... We have so much to celebrate this year especially with everything our girl has endured this year alone. We thank God everyday for this precious gift of life he has given us. Also on Saturday we were able to celebrate with some of Gracie's best of friends ( minus a few that couldn't make it) with a Rainbow party...

The kids thought watermelon on a stick was the best thing ever!

Rainbow Jello (thanks to our favorite granny)

I had so much fun making this cake... And Gracie face was priceless when she saw all the colors:)

My balloon rainbow

Bubble Party Favors

Coloring station...

Our Drink Wagon

Gracie and her BFF Lilly

Levi cutting Aunt KK grass

Sweet Asher in the "GoGo" as they call it

Jenny & Levi eating the yummy rainbow fruit skewer

Precious Eden..

Lining up to hit the pinata.. Notice my dad thinks he gets a turn:)

Aunt Allie broke it for them.

Four Generations

Almost all the kiddos


Jenny G. said...

Your photos came out great! It was such a fun party! Yay for Gracie turning FOUR! :)

Meagan and Chris said...

So cute! Love the theme!

Christin K said...

Looks like y'all had a blast. We are so blessed with the kids God has given us. Happy birthday to Gracie!!