Monday, October 31, 2011

Busy Bee's

I feel like we have been on super speed alot lately. We have been going non-stop, and it isn't really that bad until you slow down and realize how tired you are and how much you have been going. I will not bore you with alot of talking just show you a ton of pictures. Enjoy...
Levi's 1st Birthday

Best Buddies

Best Friends

Gracie & Lilly doing some grocery shopping at the Museum

Thomas tasting his produce before he buys it.

Lilly & Gracie at dance class

These two girls were so stinky cute

Picnic dinner on the back porch

First time roasting marshmallows

Gracie couldn't get enough. She kept saying can I have another mallow

Bath Buddies

Lowcountry Walk for Life

The whole crew..

Making a Halloween cake with Momo

This is obviously the best part

Legare Farms pumpkin patch


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