Friday, August 19, 2011

Family Update :)

I know I haven't posted in a while but I have three very good reasons why, a three year old, a two year old and a newborn... Today our sweet Annabelle is one month and I really and truly can't believe it. It totally just dawned on me last night that today she is one month. She is doing great. By far my best eater and sleeper. We have done two nights in a row only getting up once. YEA!! Mommy needed that. The two older ones are loving their baby sister and are so helpful. Even Thomas..He is so wide open all day and everywhere we go but as soon as he is by Annabelle he slows down and is gentle. Thank you Lord because I just knew she would have bumps and bruises by one month. As for the other two Thomas has got yet another big boy bed. He out grew the day bed because we would always find him laying on the floor with his blanket and pillow. I guess he could sprawl out more down there. And Ms. Gracie is doing great too. Everyone always ask me how she is doing and she is doing amazing. We had her eye doctors appointment about three weeks ago so they could measure the pressure in her head through her eyes and everything looked perfectly normal. No pressure..
  While at the eye doctors I had my first encounter with a little girl asking me about Gracie's face. This little girl about seven or so was sitting at the coloring table with Gracie and I when she out of the blue asked me "Why does she have that color all over her face?" (meaning her blue veins) Gracie just looked at her with a puzzled look because she didn't understand what she was talking about. After the second time she asked me I got this overwhelming feeling of anger and I was ready to bust into tears. Unfortunately I kind of snapped at the little girl and said, "because that is how God made her." At this point I think the mom of the little girl caught on and told her daughter to be nice. I really didn't mean to snap at the girl but I was so caught off guard and I guess my mother instincts kicked in and I just went into protective mode. I just don't ever want my kids to feel hurt. Not something I can always protect them of.
     We now have a appointment scheduled for the middle of next month to have an MRI done on Gracie's head to check on the size of the malformation and see if it has gotten bigger, stayed the same or gotten smaller since her last treatment. We will then be able to schedule her next treatments after we look at the MRI results.

 Now I will leave you with a few pictures...

Levi & Thomas

First Bath. This girl loves her bathtime

Thomas and the new bed

So sweet!

Carson and Thomas with Annabelle. Carson is so good with babies :)

I must hear this about 50 times a day. Can I hold her? Can I hold her?

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