Sunday, May 15, 2011

Beach, "Pool" & Friends

I have a ton of photos from this past weekend and week. Enjoy...

Our New Sandbox

Gracie, Thomas, Asher & Lilly

I love that neither one of her feet are on the ground and she has a very determined look

Waving to the pelicans

I do believe he doesn't know how to walk. He only runs and runs everywhere.

Aww. Gracie you look beautiful and love the dress you picked out for church. Wait a minute?

You can't wear Thomas pajama pants to church..

Spitting imagine of Tommy

Granny & papa have a hot tub that the kids call their pool


The Weeks Family said...

I love the picture caught in mid air... and what a bright red head she is out in the sun! :)

Jenny G. said...

I love the new photos! Everything looks SO much fun! I can't wait for Levi to join in & play.