Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Angiogram Results

Gracie did great today, she was such a trooper! The morning started out with a roller coaster of emotions. We could not walk her into the room that the procedure was being done in because it was sterilized.  Therefore we had to leave her before she was sedated which was very difficult.  They were not able to do any treatment today because there was no contrast left after the angiogram.  They have to limit the amount of contrast she receives because it could damage her kidneys.  We now know there are 6 feeder veins supplying the malformation.  The VOGM is rare, so there is not a text book procedure to treat it.  Our doctors are going to consult with other doctor across America.  We were told that when issues like this arise, they like to share test results and have a network of doctors working together and combine everyones experience before determining which way to attack the issue.  The doctors also discovered that one of her jugular veins is closed do to the pressure.  She was very uncomfortable and unhappy when she woke up in the recovery room,(which we expected) but when she calmed down she heard a baby down the hall crying.  She looked at us and offered to take the baby her blanket and passy.  She is so precious.

Though these are not the results we were hoping and praying for, our sovereign God is in control and can heal today just as He could yesterday.  The more we find out, the more evident it is that God is protecting her and keeping her safe.  Please pray for wisdom for the doctors while they are determining a method of treatment.  Also pray that Gracie knows just enough that a 2 year old needs to know and nothing more.  Continue to pray for peace that surpasses all understanding that only comes from the Lord and for rest for our family.  We love each and every one of you all and appreciate your prayers and support! Thank you and God Bless!

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k8 said...

What a precious girl! The Lord has filled her with empathy at a young age. We're lifting your family up.